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About Us

LADOL is anchored around an initial 200m quay with
an 8.5 meter draft. Plans are under way to expand the quay length to 1000 meters.

An Ultra-Modern Logistics Base for Deep Offshore Operations

LADOL (“The Base,”) is a new, state-of-the-art logistics facility, strategically located on an island at the point of entry into Lagos harbour, directly opposite Apapa Port in the LADOL Free Zone.

LADOL is the first and only base specifically designed to me...

As the first and only facility of its kind in Lagos, LADOL was created to ensure that the nation of Nigeria benefits directly from its deep offshore oil and gas reserves. By providing world-class facilities and services, LADOL will encourage the multinational firms exploiting the deep water oil reserves to utilize Nigerian companies to service their operations, creating jobs for Nigerians as well as ensuring training, knowledge and technology transfer into the country.

LADOL is a fully integrated, independent and secure base anc...

The QUAY provides stevedoring and cargo handling with efficient discharge and loading of goods. The BASE provides all logistical services, including fabrication and assembly yards, people management, catering, bunkering of fuel and water, facilities for the supply of bulk materials, a helicopter base, open and closed storage facilities, sewage and waste treatment, potable water and medical services.

The location of the Base and the services it offers will ena...

Manufacturers setting up on the base will find LADOL has excellent infrastructure, including telecommunications, sewage systems, water, fuel and transportation network. It also offers top-quality accommodations and recreational facilities.